2 years, 11 months ago

The iPhone looks great. Design is a central feature of Apple’s product production, and it is definitely one of the more prominent reasons why Apple products fly off the shelves throughout the world. This being said, we plug in headphones into our iPhones, and various other devices, but rarely think anything of it. I myself am a big user of Apple’s Earpods, which actually go quite well together. Meze is a headphone manufacturer that, in my mind, is taking up this slack – producing headphones that both sound great, and look even better. Each pair is totally unique, due to the cup housing being crafted out of solid wood. Very cool. Go ahead and check out the video review and unboxing below, to hear my thoughts on the headphones as well as whether they’re worth the $219 price tag.

All of Meze’s headphones fit a certain niche in the market. Due to the relatively high price tag that they demand, they’re definitely not for your general run of the mill iPhone user. The audiophile nature of them implies this as well. Music stored on your iPhone undergoes quite significant compression to allow for more of it to be stored, due to this you’re not getting the highest quality available to you – it’s more likely that your source will be restricting the headphones when you get up to this standard.

Saying this, there’s no doubt about it that the Meze 66 Classics fit somewhere. They are a truly a feat of craftsmanship. The high gloss finish that is applied to the cups via an extensive varnishing process indicates a huge attention to detail that you just don’t get with other headphones, around and above this price point.

As I said, these headphones retail for $219 on Meze’s website. If you’re looking for a pair of definite high end headphones to go along with your high end audio player of choice, I would most definitely recommend these. They also have a number of different lines, including the more affordable 55 series. I’ll actually be taking a look at some more of Meze’s line; so stay tuned for that.

  • dorothycry

    beautiful! where can I buy them?