2 years, 6 months ago

The Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 5 provides a second battery built into the case to extend your iPhone 5’s life. It will charge your iPhone 5 a second time on-the-go through the case’s easy-to-use LED indicator and battery switch. The case adds a substantial amount of bulk to your iPhone 5, but sacrifices are going to need to be made to keep your beloved device alive. All ports are covered, and are tactile for the most part. At the bottom, there are cut outs/grills that boost the stereo speaker as well as microphone. In terms of the headphone-jack cutout, it is deep, and very hard to use audio-tools besides earbuds. A cable is provided within the package to solve this issue, but is a burden to carry the cable around. This is a massive downside to the case. On the back, the camera cutout is large, and allows your photos with LED flash to not be recessed.

The case fulfilled it’s advertised duty. It kept my iPhone 5 alive as I use it heavily. This is essential to me as my iPhone 5 dies before my day truly begins, and enables me to keep working on numerous tasks. It charges through Micro USB which is a plus as not every home as a Lightning cable, so this extends the compatibility of charging it. On the  other side, the case cannot be synced to your computer without a Lightning cable, but you’ll have to deal with it. The case is great, and is currently rocking on my iPhone 5

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  • Brad Meraly

    Just pop out the bottom section and pass through any headphone cable then snap the bottom back in. Done!

    • odedo1

      you know how it is, some if not most people don’t have no imagination or their brain is fried!