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A few days ago, we wrote a post talking about the possibility of a bootrom exploit after P0sixninja claimed that he had discovered something far greater than a jailbreak. It turns out that the speculation was wrong and instead part of a plan to move on and create a jailbreak. Popular hacker MuscleNerd (who doesn’t get along well with P0sixninja) made it clear over Twitter than what he was talking about was not anything to do with the bootrom. For those that don’t know this news means that the next jailbreak in creation will most likely be able to be patched with a software patch similar to Evasi0n.

P0sixninja confirms this information over IRC. While the news might not be what we first expected it to be there is still a lot coming for the jailbreaking scene in iOS 7.

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  • Jailbreak?

    Once iOs 7 comes out, i doubt theyll be any reasons for me to jailbreak my iDevices. Can anyone tell me why i should keep Jailbreaking?

    • Cal

      One word: BiteSMS

      • arunoda

        BiteSMS is the most crucial one along with SwipeSelection and ManualCorrect

    • make it talk

      Firewall IP, iFile, SwipeSelection to name a few…

    • Some guy

      Create custom ringtones without the need of iTunes or to purchase them from the iTunes.. And some awesome tweaks that many can’t live without.. Ooh what bout bridge.. If you have that then there’s no need for iTunes at all

    • Stuff U

      get apps for free mate

    • Anonymous


  • paul turley

    for me it is freedom and my harley davidson theams, my ringtones, my intelliscreenX, bitesms, plus bitesms theams, and whatsapp theams, and the most useful progam i use iCleaner

  • Ipodninja198

    doesnt really matter for me (im jailbroken on ipod touch 4g 6.1.3 tethered) I dont turn off my ipod!!! ;)

  • Nicholas

    What IRC client is that?

  • ceyon

    infinity dock, bouncing icons the ablity to change your carrier icon there’s tons of reason that dock that apple has for i0s7 sucks