3 years, 9 months ago

The creators of Neurotech Siri recently released a new Siri theme “Neurocube Siri” into Cydia. Neurocube Siri can be downloaded for $.99 and works through Winterboard. In my personal opinion Nerocube Siri is better as it has more colors and a nice 3D effect, however, you may want to check out our other post on Neurotech Siri and buy that instead. Make sure to check out our video showing the theme off.

An animated Siri theme. This unique theme was built and animated in a 3D modeling program and replaces the Siri microphone/ menu with nearly 300 frames of custom artwork, including the Dictate microphone. Follow the links below to check out my complete (iOS 5+ ready) theme, Neurotech [HD]. Follow me on Twitter (@NeurotechHD) for updates. Thanks to Phatmartino for his input! This theme installs using WinterBoard, iPhone 4S and Spire users only. Support & comments to

Name: Neurocube Siri
Price: $.99
Repo: ModMyi (default)

  • tomblomfield

    What’s the tweak which meant your screen faded to black at 0:25 called?