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Over the last few weeks we have been making updates telling you everything thats known about the upcoming jailbreak. We mentioned that the hackers found several exploits over the last few weeks. These exploits help bypass parts of the system, however, with Apple’s highly secure software many are required to form a jailbreak. P0sixninja just tweeted that the current jailbreak they are working on takes exploits, two for the sole purpose of avoiding legal problems. Hopefully this is a sign that the jailbreak is near completion.

  • JTSev13

    What a waste….should’ve waited for 6.0

  • KyleStaack

    using 7 exploits on 5.1 is a waste…

  • http://FarawaySkies.com FarawaySkies

    Sounds great. Release it already

    • meiguorenzaizhongguo

       @FarawaySkies They haven’t even finished it yet and you want them to release it?

      • http://FarawaySkies.com FarawaySkies

        @meiguorenzaizhongguo Trollin

  • WarriorSon

    If I were one of the JB hackers that have the worlds attention because they know how to jailbreak iDevices, I’d be contacting Apple exec’s and making some sort of agreement to get Apple to just allow users to jailbreak their devices if they want to.  Have all sorts of warranty void statements or whatever, but just work together to open it up.  This hacking and cracking crap is just stupid.  I absolutely love my JB devices, but my unjailbroke 5.1 iPad2 is just like a playschool toy.  It doesn’t do hardly anything and the fact that there is absolutely nothing I’m able to change as far as a theme or icon colors or anything is completely ridiculous.  Ooohh, I can change the wallpaper.  Big deal.  Taking a stock iPad and jailbreaking it makes it worth the high cost of the device.  This unjailbroken iPad I have now is just a simple video screen as far as I’m concerned.  It doesn’t actually do much of anything without all the good cydia tweaks on it.  And for those who think they should save the next JB for 6.0 are the ones who have their devices jailbroke and don’t really NEED the 5.1 JB.  If my iPad was jailbroke already I’d probably vote to save the exploits for 6.0, but I don’t, so I vote to release the 5.1 version.  I won’t be updating to 6 anyway unless there’s a JB for it.  I wish I knew enough to get into it and make JB code.  There’s money to be made doing that if it’s spun right.  

    • Blumps

      @WarriorSon I’m sorry to say buts man you are so right.. I updated my iPod to ios 5.1. I spent one week without a jailbreak, worst week of my life. Idevices are pointless without jailbreaking, nothing to do. Whatever ends up happening I know its all for the best. An agreement would be nice but completely impossible.

      • Blumps


    • Kariakoo

      @WarriorSon I agree with you m8, unjailbroke iPad is like playschool toy,

    • aahhd

      @WarriorSon I agree with you,my iPad 2 was jailbroken on iOS 5.0.1,suddenly stuck on apple logo, restored it to 5.1, now it’s useless idevice

      • WarriorSon

        @aahhd That’s exactly what happened with mine. One day it got rebooted and never came back up. It was stuck on the apple logo. I spent 2 full days desperately trying every trick and method I could find to get it working again without updating to 5.1. But finally I was out of options and had to do it. Otherwise it would have been a pretty paperweight.

    • according2ed

      @WarriorSon One of the reasons why apple wouldn’t like their pads and pods jailbroken is that it would compromise the profits flooding in from a host of their other products from the iCloud to their MacBook air. The faults of one product are purposely built in to enable the sales of compensatory and complimentary products. Anyway, that’s capitalism for you.

  • LionelAlexander

    No way, definitely worth releasing now. Im in the same boat and had to upgrade without a choice when my phone was serviced in store. I usually wait until a jailbreak is released until I upgrade the software, now I feel like someone had stolen half of my phones features for the past two months. Please release a jailbreak soon, and I will have no problem not updating to 6 until a jailbreak is released. No matter how long it takes, a jailbroken 4s on 5.1 beats a 4s with 6 any day, this I can be 100% sure of. 

  • andrei1103

    Broke my iPhone so had to get a new one! It came with 5.1 update.. what the hell am I supposed to do? wait until 6.0 comes out and then wait for it to be jailbroken? I voted release 5.1 jailbreak.

    • JTSev13

       @andrei1103 That’s unfortunate, but you’re still an asshole for voting to waste 7 exploits.

  • furio1000

    Well, hackers are working to bring you all those things you miss.
    And I don´t think its them who have to meet with Apple to get to a deal. Its the people that keeps buying these devices that doesn´t even do a formal complain (to APPLE).

  • thousandroof

    I have iphone 4s on 5.1 & I voted to wait for 6.0. Yes it sucks that I’m stuck with this “playschool toy” for now. By the way I paid for unlocked 32 GB version so I spent more than the average bear. Imagine how much better it would be if apple releases new software,  jailbreaks come shortly after. Like it used to be. That seems like long ago & it was only a couple years ago. That’s crazy if you really think about it. Jailbreaks used to come weeks if not days after software release now it’s months after the software release are we being FREED.They have not even completely cracked 5.1. As soon as they do apple will release new software the latest & greatest software 6.0. (whatever the next name will be).  Now they have to start from scratch all over. If they wait they could actually start working on the new software as they release the new jailbreak. They have already figured out 3-4 maybe five exploits to date, if there are 7 in this one imagine how many they will have to get thru in 6.0. They might have it done by this summer when the newest version of IOS comes out. MAKE SURE YOU DONATE. Keep up the good work. Waiting on next jailbreak to FREE my phone. We need apple to FREE us from our phones not the hackers. The hackers have shown us the way we need apple to quit playing.

  • henryhelps2012

    Wait for ios 6, 5.1 is shit. Would just be a waste of time. They should try and release a shitty tethered jb for now. For the idiots and the unfortunate.

  • henryhelps2012

    I bet apple were even voting release now on the poll!!

    • meiguorenzaizhongguo

       @henryhelps2012 I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • cal83851

    The Greenpois0n Team has just released an untethered Jailbreak for the new iOS 5.1!

    • svt50476

       @cal83851 Thanks. Just tested it and worked for me :)

    • rpb28525

       @cal83851 Greenpois0n rulz

    • njv79435

       @cal83851 amazing dude! thanks

    • lrg6353

       @cal83851 Thanks. Finally jailbroke my 4s

    • rfe77538

       @cal83851 Im so happy right now. FInally

    • Steve7087

      @cal83851 FAKE

    • WarriorSon

      @cal83851 That isn’t Greenpoisons website. Beware.

  • henryhelps2012

    What a load of bull, surveys people!

  • thousandroof

    That is crap spamming us with surveys…Boooo Hisssssssss


    Everyone just need to be a bit more patient, this guys are working hard to give solution for the world, so if you are not able to do a jailbreak yourself, dont offend them…they are working for you for free, you are not paying a penny for it, so just seat you fat butt and wait like everyone else does…. you accidentally upgrade you f.. phone… next time don’t be so f…… stuppid , pay attention, read and research before you update you phone system. And be aware greenpoison.co.cc is not the official greenp0ison website, check out greep0ison.com before you damage you iphone forever…Don’t be silly.

  • HotPussyTaken

    My iPad 3 is running on iOS 5.1
    Go to: http://pwn-devteam.com