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The New Airport Extreme by Apple has gotten a facelift. Everything has changed on there, including the design. When you first pick up you Airport Extreme, the retail packaging is like a prism. The prism isn’t too hard to unwrap, but is harder than your standard rectangle box. Once inside you receive a few goodies. These are the literature, and power cable. The Airport Extreme features the same functionality as the previous one. The new design change ensured me that Apple is looking to revamp all portions of their company in each product. We can see this with the iPod Touch 5th Generation, and the low-cost iPod Touch 5th Generation. Both products feature the same functionality, but are being expanded to new horizons.

Will you be buying an Airport Extreme? Is the new shape something that gives you hope  regarding Apple? Let me know in the comments below!

Buy the New Airport Extreme here!

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    i guess Apple inc. completely lost it, it comes across they are manufacturing for the russian federation market (which makes sense being mostly a communist company these days) however, how long can this last for ? Japanese , chinese and asian industry for consumer electronics are doing awasome then, how long ? (b4 apple inc falls apart ? )

    bween US, it appears apple inc is a catholic-chsristian STRONZA serving for money (waiting for money ) as per roman-catholic church teaching their followers to wait for the beg at sunday mass.

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  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

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