3 years, 8 months ago

When the new iPad was announced, many people were surprised at the battery life after the upgrades of Retina Display and LTE capabilities were added. The 10 hour battery life of the new iPad can be explained: the battery is a lot bigger than its predecessors.

According to a recent iFixit teardown, the new iPad’s battery is about 70% bigger than the one that was used in the iPad 2. Due to the large battery size and the recent upgrades it takes a lot longer to charge.

MC Siegler over at TechCrunch explains it in his review of the new iPad:

“It appears they’ve had a fairly major breakthrough in their battery technology. While the new battery clearly isn’t much bigger than the old one, it can hold much more juice (42 watt-hours versus 25-watt-hours). The downside of this is that I’ve found it takes quite a bit longer to charge the new iPad. As in several hours — you’ll probably want to do it overnight.”

Now the fact that Apple has maintained the regular 10 hour battery life is incredible. LTE has shown to cause poor battery life, but with the new iPad, it doesn’t seem to run it down at all. Even with the Retina Display and the quad core graphics processor it still can maintain that 10 hours. Of course the downside is that it takes more time to charge, but personally I think that it is totally worth it. What do you think? Is the iPad’s battery life worth more charging time?