According to a new report from GfK, consumers that own iOS devices like iPads and iPhones are much more likely to stick with their current platform for any new devices. The well known research firm says that 84% of iPhone owners plan to get another iPhone when they upgrade, well over four fifths.

This compares to Android which weighs in at 60%, and Blackberry at 48%, under half of the current owners. Despite NPD’s flawed report suggesting otherwise, it appears that there is not such a large consumer base looking for alternatives.

One of the concerns that customers voiced about device usage is the importance of having access to all their content on every Internet enabled device they own. Such functionality was recently introduced with Apple’s iCloud, which lets consumers music and apps sync across all devices enabled on a single account. At least in some cases, it seems as though Apple’s infamous control over both hardware and software has its advantages.

  • papibone5

    Yep I will be upgrading from the 4s to the iPhone 5 once that’s release as well. I had all the iPhone and no I’m not a fanboy just like what work when I need it to work

  • JackPilgrim

    No kidding. Ive never had an issue with my 4 and will be getting the 5 once my contract is up. I’ll never switch back. All things Apple Giveaway