3 years, 6 months ago

In an unexpected bit of news, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple plans to upgrade the screen size in the next generation of their most popular device. Up until now, despite the several form changes the device has undergone, Apple has always stuck with the same size screen, though they have upgraded the resolution for the retina display.

A larger screen has been at the top of many lists of most desired features for the iPhone, but many people had given up hope that we would ever see such a change. Usually, rumors like this would not be held with very much credibility, but when it comes from such a reliable source, it must be held with some consideration. The WSJ justifies this due to Apple’s fierce competition with Samsung:

Apple faces particularly fierce competition from Samsung, which sells a broader variety of phones. The two companies together account for more than half of the world’s smartphones. Samsung shipped 44.5 million smartphones to grab 30.6% of the global market in the first quarter, topping Apple’s 24.1%, with 35.1 million iPhones, according to market-research firm Strategy Analytics.

It is always exciting to see what Apple comes out with with each new release, and it seems this time we will be looking at a lot of changes to the device. We probably won’t be hearing much more about the new iPhone (which, incidentally, is what it will most likely be called) until later this summer/fall, since the device is currently expected for a mid-fall release.