3 years ago

The Nexus 4 has just been released onto the world, and it seems to be a bit of a powerhouse. Google are definitely undercutting the iPhone at selling their latest frontline device at just $299 for an unlocked handset, but how does it compare? We’ve managed to hook up a couple of tests to show you how the Nexus compares to the iPhone, first up is gaming performance:

Here we also have the Nexus 4 compared to the iPhone 5 in a more comprehensive test. It includes benchmarks, scrolling performance. Both phones come with processors that should be able to handle pretty much anything you want to throw at it, but the Nexus is the clear winner in terms of processing power.

I’ll let you judge on your own which device you think ‘won’ these tests, as for me there isn’t really a clear winner. I am a huge proponent of both iOS and Android, and feel that whatever platform you prefer if just a personal preference.

  • Phil

    I am an iPhone user and a content one at that. These tests are good, however given the huge (!) price difference and on top of that the nexus is slightly faster, they are not really so equal are they? You also forgot to include build quality and display quality (as in colors and resolution, how does it hold up IRL and in comparison?).

    • TheAppleFanatic

      I’m assuming your saying the iPhone has better build quality. And considering the Nexus 4 is Quad Core with 2GB ram while the iPhone is Dual Core with 1GB ram and the nexus 4 is a millisecond faster, It sucks!

  • Venii

    What is the name of the game ?? Thanks.

    • odedo1

      I love that game I got it when it was free and play it a lot, plus I see like once every 2 month it goes free again but even if it’s not free $1 is nothing for one of the best games at the App store and it’s name is Riptide GP.

  • Venni

    Whats the name of the game from the first video?

  • odedo1

    As much as I love all my Apple devices and I pretty much got them all, it’s just come to show that every decition that Apple made this year starting with taking Samsung to curt which shows fear and weakness to the iPhone 5 and iPad mini and IOS 6 which was not ready and droped google where all wrong! This is the year that Apple came out with no new inventions beside one which is Apple Maps ( big mistake ) so what did Apple did ? Play with size and all I know is that there is a saying that size don’t count ( that’s what my girls always said, lol ) , any way I travel the world a lot and till last year when an iPhone rang everybody took their phone out, not this year there are more galaxy’s than iPhones, no wonder that for every iPhone there are 40 Samsung sold, Apple my love you better change strategy or you’ll keep sinking, and I hope really hope you stay on top because even Microsoft is catching up really fast!!!

  • daddy-O


  • Valinor

    I had a galaxy s2 before i got myself the iphone 5….
    Absolutely in love with my iphone but 1 thing that really annoys me is:
    I installed 5 premium games and I ran out of storage……. These games take almost 2gb each! I had 200+ on my galaxy s2 and still had space left for more…..