2 years, 8 months ago

Updated: You can now choose what songs you want to import.

A few days ago a new tweak named Pandy was released into Cydia that allows users to download songs from Pandora directly to their Music Application. Pandy is still new so it lacks some essential features, however, the concept is pretty cool. Pandy downloads songs via the popular music streaming service Pandora Radio and adds the to your music application and iTunes when synced with a computer.

The legality of Pandy grey because it essentially dosn’t break any current laws. Pandora contains the legall rights to the song while you have the legal rights to record radio for at home use. Whether this will change in the future who knows, but it surly breaks Pandora’s TOS.


1. Open Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add

2. Type http://apt.semy4.com/repo”

3. Search and install Pandy.

  • maganosc000

    Pandy is no longer showing up in Cydia, I can’t download anything anymore? Any ideas what’s happening.

  • Tanner

    If you would still like to download Pandy, you need to download it from xSellize…an illegal source inside of Cydia

  • dannyzucko

    what happen to pandy in cydia

  • Jeff Hall

    Any word on ios 7 update?

  • Jeff

    Ugh… I installed the repo but it’s empty.. Any ideas?