1 year, 9 months ago

Recently, you may have seen there has been a Photo Booth ‘port’ released for non-iPad devices. However, as many developers of the community have criticized, this was illegal, redistributing the property of Apple, therefore infringing copyright. Also, it was extremely buggy and barely functional, so the port was firstly illegal, secondly, not usable.

CoolStar, a renowned iOS and Windows developer in the jailbreak community, has made a tweak to overcome all these issues. Instead of redistributing iPad files, he grabs the files from Apple’s servers using PartialZip, avoiding the legal barriers. His port also supports 4 inch devices and works almost flawlessly, allowing access to all filters and features in the application, unlike other ports.

CoolStar sent me a version to test out, here are some screenshots of Photo Booth for iPhone in action.

Photo Booth Effects

CoolStar has just submitted “Photo Booth (iOS 7) for iPhone and iPod touch” to the BigBoss repository, it will be a free tweak for all to download.

Update: Photo Booth (iOS 7) for iPhone and iPod touch is now available for download on the default BigBoss repository, please refresh your sources to download the installation tweak.

  • Smjpo Knfyl

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  • Abhinav

    How to start Photo Booth App After Installation as i can’t find any way to open it (No New Icons) ?

    • Jerry Leung

      Respring and the Photo Booth app should appear on the SpringBoard. Otherwise, reboot.

  • Mr.617

    Hey, this is the second time installing this tweak, does NOT work. Respring, nothing. Reboot, nothing. :(