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A lot of people have been treating the last few week’s news as signs that jailbreaking is coming to an end. We wanted to clarify that just because install0us went down and no jailbreak has come out in the last few months, doesn’t mean that it is over, hell mobile piracy is far from over too. If you recall from last year it took months to get a working iOS 5 jailbreak, but when we did it lasted for months after months. Pod2G’s trend #wewantanopenios was a statement to get Apple to open it up itself opposed to full on letter or defeat.

Pod2G tweeted ” If the only possible way to #weWantAnOpenIOS is the jailbreak, it’ll happen. It is not the end!” Any site that reported that jailbreaking was dead either misunderstood or is sensationalizing the story. While jailbreaking may be facing some competition and work we must remember it is far from over.

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  • JailBreak Nation Blows BTW

    I have a 4s and I haven’t upgraded from 5.1 yet still jailbroken.. If there isn’t a jailbreak by the time I am due for an upgrade in March than Android here I come… Apple’s the same old ios update after update… They can keep their patented rounded square tiles and shove them up their ass for all I care…

  • So sorry

    Definitely switching to Android. I was one of the few who had a Palm Pre. Come to think of it I was also one of the few who had a sega saturn, and a sega genesis. lol I have a history of picking losers after investing tons of money into them. So I got the Iphone 5 and was so happy it was a huge upgrade compared to what apps I had available on the Palm Pre but after 3 months I was regretting not being able to jailbreak it like my Pre. Its pretty sad to say that there are things I can do on a Palm Pre (Sprint) that I still can’t do on an Iphone. If I could go back I would have bought an Android and the Ipad mini. I think that will be the best combination. (Any thoughts on this?). BTW sorry for buying Iphone 5 the instant I ordered it Iphone 5 became a dead man walking (based on my history of picking losers).