3 years, 9 months ago

If you ever enjoyed playing Pokemon for the Gameboy, or Nintetndo DS, then you will like this news. Soon to be released iOS app Zenforms Protectors aims to be a clone of the popular game franchise Pokemon. They don’t mention it for copyright reasons, however, the intent is obvious. If you have ever played Pokemon than you will spot the similarity instantly.  The premis is that the hero tries to become the greatest protector using Zenforms that fight and evolve along the way. For more infromation on the game go to the developers website here.

Zenforms is said to be out for iPod Touch, iPhone, and playable on iPad in March.


ZENFORMS: Protectors is a 2D RPG for iPhone and iPod Touch (it will also be playable on iPad). You are starting your first day at school to become a Protector, a trainer of ZENFORMS and keeper of the peace. As soon as you begin the game you can create your own look for your hero, or choose the default look for a boy or girl.

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