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Every year when a new version of iOS is released it is sad to hear that support for older devices has been discontinued. Generally Apple does this because older devices run slow on newer software. That being said, many people are willing to cope with the lag to run the newest software. Because Apple’s products are so expensive and grow old quick, many people are left with first and second generation iPhones and iPod Touchs.

Whited00r 6 offers a solution to users that still use their old devices and face discontinuation. While their product is not the full scale operating system is does update the user interface, add new stock apps, features, and more. To install Whited00r you will need to be jailbroken and follow the steps found on their website.

Source: Whited00r


  • Greg

    What’s the point? All new apps can’t support anything under iOS 4.3 (Xcode doesn’t let you), and this is essentially 3.1.3.

  • dawg

    yeah whats the point of installing ios 6 on older devices youre just gonna make ur device more slower than before. if i were you i wouldnt do this waste of time and its obvious some apps doesnt support for ur device. jeez people.. logic you guys need logic

    • michael

      thumbs up for this guy.. ^^ yeah logic people

    • lui lee

      thanks man!! thumbs up ^^

    • XENGS

      An iPod 2G is already fast enough for iOS6. It’s just apple that doesn’t want it to be fast enough.
      The only thing it should not be able to run is extreme games; And Besides, Whitedoor is just a replication of iOS6, running on iOS4.

    • Mahboi

      The sheer ignorance of this comment is astounding. Clearly you haven’t even taken the time to understand what Whited00r really is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djvanisher Raechel Mclain

    I am very impressed with this version I tried it on my iPod touch 2g and its great! I didn’t like the set up of the pervious versions but they did them selves this time well done. My favorite it the time machine feature

  • http://www.facebook.com/FranciscoRojas19 Alejandro Rojas

    so my question is. to install this custom firmware first the ipod has to be jailbroken first right??? please let me now

  • Unknown

    To be honest this is the worst guide ever! Is this really ios 6? because it surely can’t install ios 6 apps from the appstore. So yea, it has some ios 6 features, and it looks somewhat like ios 6 but it is surely not ios 6. But read the title, it says how to run ios 6. From the whited00r website they don’t say anything about running ios 6, they say “all new ios6 look and feel” but they don’t say you can run it. Clearly misleading title and must change the title.