2 years, 3 months ago

The S4 was a pretty bad ass phone, and the event was up to par as well. We saw an entire theatrical performance in NYC, which showed us all of the S4’s features. Now that the next Unpacked event is right around around the corner, Samsung is hinting at the launch of the new Note. The Note III is alleged to be the first of firsts in a ton of categories such as processor, memory, battery, and so much more. Up first, is size is key here. I think we’ll see a 5.7-6.0” 1080p display which will look fantastic. A CPU 2GHz+ with the Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU, and 3GB of RAM. If that doesn’t tell you that this phone will be flying, I don’t know what will. We’ll be seeing a 13MP camera on the back, and 1080p video. Obviously LTE will be debuted on here for the four major U.S. carriers, but hopefully some new international carriers. Finally, we’ll be seeing a 4000mAH+ battery to power all of the pixels on the display as it’s marvelous display. Overall, this phone will be tremendous in what it brings to the ‘Phablet’ category of 2013.

What do you think of the Galaxy Note III? Do you think it’ll feature a killer set of internal specs? Let me know below!

  • akathakid

    That thing is a brick of god, 3gb of ram, the current xbox 360 and I think the ps3 is 4gb, so for a phone to be next too a ram amount of a console is outrageous but incredible, it’s amazing how technology is evolving, years from now everything will be so fast, the next generation won’t even know what a *lag* is

    • Brendan F

      The ram on a cell phone doesn’t require as much power as the ram on a xbox & play station.

      Although they’re different, it’s still cool that phones are evolving so fast, it’s impossible to tell what they will be like in five years.

  • cum

    I think its gonna be a peace of shit, like all smartphones.

    • the internet

      your spelling is a PIECE of shit, mr. cum.

    • https://twitter.com/Firehawk305 iPrimal

      “peace of shit”
      I guess shit is peaceful. All it does is sit there.