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The Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) is rumored to be the next name of Samsung’s next flagship device. Granted, the Galaxy Note could be argued as the flagship, but for most consumers the Galaxy S series can be deemed the winner. New detailed alleged specifications have been released stating more information on the new super phone by Samsung. A benchmark image preaches to the media the rumored goodies of the Samsung device. The GT-19500 also know as the Galaxy S series, will feature a 1.8 GHz Exynos Octa CPU, followed by Android 4.2.1. Keep in mind, this is just a rumored benchmark image, but as the year progresses, this seems to be reliable.

Android 4.2.1 has been deemed the next iteration of Jelly Bean, but I personally think that it will be Key Lime Pie, or a new named OS. Other specifications of the wonder phone include a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED Display, followed by a 13-megapixel camera. Keep in mind, when few images surface we can conclude that the phone is not close to being released, but the hype needs to start somewhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/guilherme.scheibel Guilherme Scheibel

    nice! will it be superior to iphone 5? just bough it! kkk

    • Anon

      S3 and Note 2 is superior than the iphone 5. lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1172509436 Mark Robinson

        i have to agree apple is being left behind 4″ screen doesn’t cut it anymore.

        • http://twitter.com/LeerossTheBoss Leroy eshelman

          4″ is the perfect size, any longer and or wider (like SIII) it then becomes a 2 hand phone.. ANNOYING
          Also the SII is still running a 720p res. screen, boring and unclear. Apple graphics are of superior quality and is a big plus.

          You can play games on a bigger screen whoopy, I rather play on a smaller screen with better graphics.

          The SIV will be nice with the 1.8ghz processor, but lets see here, Apples 5s if that is what decide to call it will be a smaller processor (by my guess) and guess what will perform just as well if not better as the comparison with the SIII and I5 was. Smaller processor with the I5 and booted slightly faster, quicker response, capable of taking pictures faster, better resolution ect ect ect. it gets old SIII is nothing special have used them and still prefer the iPhone over Samsungs junk any day.

          OH speaking of junk, when samsung decides to not use cheap plastic to build their phones, and they can with stand like an I5 does, im not sure why SIII is even being talked about.

          And I can say this because Ive used both devices, this isnt just an opinion, this is facts!!

          • thomas

            Looks like 4″ becomes the new 3.5″.

          • iLikePhones

            “4” is the perfect size.” “720p res. screen, boring and unclear.” ” Apple graphics are a big plus” ” I rather play on smaller screen with better graphics ” and the rest are guesses. All of these look like opinions to me. Where exactly are those facts you speak of? Only fact i see in your comment is that you do not know the definition of the word Fact. Some people like using two hands, 720p res is good enough for many people. A lot of people prefer a larger screen with better colors & speed than a smaller one with slightly better graphics. S3 is already standing with the i5, as it is the i5s main competitor and many people have S3 instead of i5.

    • What?

      ANY Android phone is superior than the iPhone 5.

  • Techdude248

    I still think the 4S is better than the SIII.

    • iPrimal

      any specific, legitimate reasons?

      • Techdude248

        People just buy what they like to see instead of doing research about it. I’ve asked a bunch of people why did they buy the SIII they said because of the screen and its fun for porn… That’s the main reason why people like those phones because its “bigger” but that’s also a big problem to many people like of they want to text with one hand or try to fit it into skinny jeans. Apple has made the screen the perfect size but that’s not why iphone is still my choice. I’m just saying it looks cool but it helps to learn about it or you’ll hate it or not be happy with it.

        • http://twitter.com/DomiAssassin Dominik Zychal

          You’re right. I’m still happy with my iphone 4, iphone 5 size isn’t bad at all it fits perfect in my hand and pocket. The SIII is too great but i’m the one hand user and the SIII forces me to use both hands. Everyone is choosing what their taste is. My iPhone or iDevices will all be jailbroken forever = Android is running away and iOS alone can’t run after it without jailbreak.

    • TheKingHasLost

      If you look at it (difference between iPhone 5 and SIII)

      – iPhone 5 rocks an A6 chip with estimated 1.3 GHz Dual Core while the Galaxy S3 rocks an Exynos 4 – Qualcomm Snapdragon with 1.4 GHz Quad Core. S3 wins in processor
      – Both has blazing fast WiFi and LTE connection
      – Both has 8 MP Camera
      – Galaxy S3 has NFC, while iPhone 5 doesn’t
      – Galaxy S3 is cheaper. So of course, it wins in price.
      – Android is more customizable. Even without rooting. If you root, there are a lot more to discover. Something that even a Jailbroken iOS can’t do.
      – iPhone 5 has larger PPI then Galaxy S3. So yes, i5 wins in PPI.
      – You can get MicroUSB-to-USB cable for S3, allowing you to use external mouse, keyboard, or share files through flashdisk easily.
      – You’ll never left behind if you use Android. Even though IF Samsung left S3 behind and leave it with old Android OS, there will always be developer (such as Cyanogenmod) that will provide custom ROM with the latest OS that support your phone.

      Even though I’m a hybrid Android-iOS user, if you ask me whether I prefer to buy S3 or i5, I would prefer iPhone 5. But if you ask me “why is it better?”, I would answer “no it’s not”. It’s stupid, but it is a fact though. Other than the PPI, which I don’t really matter about it anyway.

      [we’re not talking about design, “plastic”, and stuff. each people has their own opinion on them. some of them like iPhone 5 better, some like S3 better]

      • TheKingHasLost

        *with the latest OS that support your phone => with the latest Android OS and it will support your phone

  • http://www.facebook.com/JhaiiLeen Charlane Largo Polentinos

    If all these things are true about the S4, looks and all..I’m gonna have to say bye bye i5.

  • bhhhh43

    stupid people . android is a shitty, unupdateable os , that lags on almost every samsung i know .and if you want a bigger screen buy a f***ing ipad , which is also going to be better than any s3

    • lowlife

      I have an 2 IPhones and an iPad and compared from the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 its was better than the iPad. The Samsung galaxy s3 never lagged on me the IPhone 4 and 4s always lagged on safari and open apps. Which made it slowed Down. So I wouldt say Android is shitty if the Iphone it self has 800mhz which is slow compared to some of the apple divices

      • lowlife

        I meant to say in the last sentence of the Samsung devices

        • bhhhh431

          please, samsung galaxy tab lags on the home screen. those iphones had 800 mhz because it was enough to run ios and all the apps / games smoothly. and try multitasking with an android, you can t. 4s(which is faster) competed with the s2 like the iphone 5(which is also faster) with the s3

          • TheKingHasLost

            Ehm… Actually, it does make sense when you say “Android is slower handling multitasking” as I’m both an Android-iOS user. But, please remember that Android gives real multitasking unlike iOS which actually freezes the app in the RAM, which of course, making iOS a lot faster than the Android but making less freedom to the app developer since they can’t run on background.

            I have an iPad and a Galaxy S3. I do enjoy both phones. None of them are laggy, not even the S3 with its 1.4 GHz Quad Core Exynos 4.

            And yes, using “cheap plastic” as an excuse is getting old. I mean, what’s wrong with using “plastic” anyway? As long as the design is good, and it feels good in the hand (yes, it does feel good), and also strong, then… It’s good.

          • bhhhhhh4

            i don t know , that s the feelling i get when i get when i hold a samsung in my hand, but here also comes the price difference between the samsung and an iphone. A samsung with android it s the best you can get for a lower price.i have an ipad( initially wanted to buy a samsung galaxy tab, i was stupid, right? :)) ) and i would use an s2 or s3 ,i don t have any problem with them , but if i could put the price difference aside i will always choose the apple product.

            And i m also very curious when the s3 is going to get the 4.2 jelly bean..you know…it was released in november…and even the 3gs got ios 6 when it was released…so…just sayin’

        • bhhhh431

          and also apple products are not made by cheap plastic

          • odedo1

            the first 3 iphones had plastic back and the reception was better then the beautiful iphone 4 design and once you put the phone in a case it really dont matter so all you guys that keep using the pastic exuses, well its getting old also i know i wish i could just slide off the back cover on my iphone and change battery when ever i felt like, it be cool to have a couple of spares in my pocket!

  • Maly

    both have their minuses & pluses, but 1 thing i agree on is. that if apple is not going to release something decent. they will lose their place, plus apple is way over priced. simple phone that lacks simple features.

    • odedo1

      i totally agree with Maly, All my devices are Apple and i love them all also they are all jailbroken because i cant see myself with an iphone, ipad, iTV which are not jail broken that will be way to boring and i’m guessing that a jailbreak for the iphone 5 will be out sometime next month, i have no idea how you guys with ios 6 can enjoy your devices beside the iphone 4 that have a jailbreak but all you guys that talk about plastic are fools i dont see anything wrong with plastic back cover, my first 3 iphones had plastic back cover which actually had way better reception then the beautiful iphone 4 and also it really dont matter once you got it in a case. Now as much as i love Apple even they agree that realsing the iphone 5 was to soon and a mistake infact everything Apple did last year was stupid starting with taking samsung to court, its not like Apple needed the money and all it did was showed fear by Apple to the public, also Apple came out with the ipad mini which Steve Jobs said will never happend, only 2 years ago all i’ve seen on the streets all around the globe was iphones now when i travel i see way more Samsung or other smart phones then iphones infact so many fiends and people i know that got the iphone 5 gave up on it and moved to the galaxy. Me I’m still with my LTE 64GB jailbroken ipad 3 and jailbroken 4S hoping that Apple will wake up stop wasting their time at curts and start inventing insted of just changing looks because compatiton is catching up!

  • Majidal

    Has any body saw Sony xeperia Z ? 5″ 1920x1080p 441ppi, quad 1.5gh cpu13mpxl camera back and 2.2 front, anti scratches front and back of the phone, water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes,anti dust, 2300 battery, jelly bean, Smaller dimensions and lighter weight than sgs3

    This one gonna rock the world