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The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) set standards for smartphones, and what they need to feature to thrive in this vast market. The 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen, 4G LTE, quad-core processing, and more helped the phone to strive, and in some respects beat out every other envious phone. With the Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) event confirmed for March 14th, 2013, the media has been going berserk. One of the main rumored features on the Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) is eye-tracking software. You will be able to control the Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) with your eyes. For example, if you were were reading a blog and wanted to scroll down to the next portion, all you would have to do is look at the bottom of the screen. Just like that, and your phone would know to move the screen to the next portion. Pretty cool if you ask me!

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) is alleged to feature a 4.99-inch SoLux display, an 8-core processor, 4G LTE, and more rad features like eye-tracking. Stay tuned for more Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) coverage and hands-on demos.

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    I will write it in every news he creates, this is an apple community we care about APPLE, if u want post SAMSUNG lame and useless features go create your own page and talk about it

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    Sound pretty.
    Hope it work with people who wear glasses.

  • Steve

    Experience taught me that those features are great on paper but never perform very well..Also, most of android apps will not support 8 cores multithread.. You would be surprised by the quantity of quad core android phones out there that the software isn’t even optimized for multi core.. These are just features to make them sell the products.. Everybody knows that they got quad core, nobody knows that the software doesn’t use them.. Absolutely pointless..

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    I hate this kid..

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      To all the Keaton haters, you guys are a bunch of idiots. If you don’t want to view Android based posts why do you even click on the link. Use your brains dimwits!

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        and the one who flame is more idiot than us, who want clearly APPLE news, no samsung sh1t… android fan go to ur android fan page

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          Did you come up with that definitive statement all by yourself? You just proved my point!

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            The point is, this is an Apple site. There should not even be a Samsung post in here.
            That’s all, plus this kid annoys. First he was all about Apple being the best brand ever, now he’s like only posting Samsung stuff everywhere.
            Let him do his Samsung videos, but not on this page!

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    Leave Keaton the fuck alone. Nowhere on this website does it say apple website or apple news only, its jailbreaknation so whatever the jailbreaknation wants to write about, they will write and if you dont like it dont read or just keep your thoughts to yourself. Hey retarded guest, if you are such an apple exclusive douche then dont click on anything samsung. He didnt mislead you into reading Samsung news. Thank you Keaton. I like to know what the competitors are doing. Knowledge is power and understanding and these retards obviously dont have the brain power to understand this.

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      what part of JAILBREAK-Nation… u dont understand, asshole…

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    how many of u know how to use android ?? or u guy only know how to used a simple ios lolz…i used both android and iphone so i much know the different of jailbreak and rooting, there is still more thing that i am still learning on android system, messing with android is much fun and it doesn’t mean that ios suck, but to me android is the future… thanks guy…

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    Well, jailbreaknation is most closely related to Apple stuff and whatnot, but I guess it would be ok to know what Samsung is up to once in a while.

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    KEATON first of all, this feature will not rely on the eye movement but on the movement of your head so its nothing special and will defo not be precise! Another “so called” useless innovation by Samsung to sell more devices! So at the moment there is an Octa processor that is NOT real octa but 2 x quad and the eye tracking that is NOT real eye teacking but head movement tracking! Lie after lie! Plus it will have a plastic body again! and this is all confirmed! Samsung is useless! And second of all my friend this is Apple website so please stop posting Samsung stories!