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After talking to iH8sn0w it is evident that the port can be done it is just the legality that is in question. iH8sn0w can not distribute modded Apple files without a legal issue and therefore must make it work from the ipsw. This will require a bootrom exploit working with the iPhone 4s. Like greenpois0n this will be hard to find and there is a good chance that it will not appear anytime soon. Until then everyone without the iPhone 4S will be without siri.


Here is a demo thanks to steven and 9to5mac.com


As most iPhone 4S units were sent all around the world, most of the users were very excited about Apple’s new voice assistant, Siri. Siri is probably the most important new feature to come to the new iPhone. Many people questioned if the great new assistant could be ported to it’s predecessor, the iPhone 4. I bet you anything that Apple could have done it, but they just wanted people to buy their new product. I personally think it would have taken almost no time for Apple to port it into the iPhone 4, better yet, the iPad 2. Siri would have been a more logical choice due to the new A5 processor. Well, there is great news, recently the Sn0wbreeze founder and jailbreak hacker iH8Sn0w has tweeted some very important information about this process of Siri being on the iPhone 4…

But even with this statement, there could be a chance that this project will take a very long process. Hackers have not released a release date for this project, but it sure looks like we can definitely get our hands on Siri.




  • 3menclonedaunicorn

    well isn’t it obvious they apple didnt port it because the iphone four isnt powerful enough? apple is not going to fall the way of htc and other crappy android based devices with services that sort of work. If apple does it they are going to do it right, and on a mobile phone is clearly the best option to first release it on, not an ipad. And cant you see how slow his phone is running in the video with the hacked siri? thats far from useful.

    I wish some bloggers were not blind idiots, seeing some of the stuff you people write makes me think i should start a blog

    • Jesse77Wilson

      @3menclonedaunicorn what you should remember is that with betas come updates. With updates come better performance. Siri might work well on 4s because of the faster processor but might be horribly coded and actually be slow. It might be coded for the 4s to shut off other services while it’s being used allowing for better use which can be recoded for other devices. Also htc and Motorola products along side android have dominated The phone business dispite whatever you think it’s true. I’d choose android over apple any day except for the iPod seeing the iOS is more of a toy operating system till they copied android more or less in iOS5

    • Jesse77Wilson

      @3menclonedaunicorn congrats what did I say?! All it took was some tweaking. Try to say you know why your talking about and watch me shit on you again

  • MelwinMahler

    As for the legality question: Couldn’t he/they just post a DIY-guide and those who feel like tweaking their own devices at their own risk could do so without him/them being in any unwanted situation?

    • AdrianDUrso

      @MelwinMahler I am not sure 100% the technical aspects however I know that it is a big problem

  • beachbum757