2 years, 5 months ago

Siri, the voice assistant that many of us despise is crawling back to us saying he/she has changed. The new Siri is iOS 7 comes in a less-robotic voice, and in both male and female variants. We’ll call the new program it or Siri. Siri can answer a variety of questions, and does more than previous iOS’s. Some of her prominent features is turning off a specific setting, or opening a specific album in the new Photos app. One thing it excels at is webpage search. Now if you search something, and then add the word “Wikipedia” after it, it’ll pull up a large snippet of that webpage. This is nice because you don’t have to be page swapping to obtain an answer. You come to a place, and you get your answer at that spot. Of course, there is an option below the large snippet to travel to the webpage. The new Safari app presents webpages like never before. While Siri is a bit slow at times due to the beta 1 that it’s presented in, it works quite well. Keep in mind, this isn’t a human-assistant replacer. It can answer a variety of commands, but at this time cannot serve as a friend for those lonely times.

Overall, Siri is a notable upgrade, and well worth it if you are contemplating trying iOS 7. From here it can only get better as the Beta’s progress. In the fall, Siri will be market ready, and hopefully be able to correctly tell me where the nearest Waffle House is.

Let me know what you think down below!

  • Jeremy Jimenez

    still kinda sounds like the old iOS 6 siri :

    • Joshua Russ

      Yeah I noticed that too, but in the first ios 7 beta that he is using in the video, I dont think Apple has implemented siri’s new and improved voice into this early beta. I believe later in the final product we will hear the changed siri voice.

      • Jeremy Jimenez

        well i applied the beta and she doe sound a little more human and with personality only with her Australian accent

  • Jerame Trunnell

    Wikipedia integration is not very impressive. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Try using the information sometime in a paper and see what your teacher says about it.