4 years, 1 month ago

In the last few minutes Chpwn and Steven released a video demoing there work on the Siri port. This video shows Siri both running and connecting to Apple’s servers. This is great news for anyone interested in using Siri on devices that are not the 4S. The only problem is that their version can not be released to the public for many reasons as said in the desciption.

A public release is not possible at this time for a LOT of reasons. So please don’t ask.

It is amazing what they were able to accomplish in such a short time, and we hope to see a release to the public in the future. Like most hacks there is no ETA however they say there are better chances when the iPhone 4S jailbreak is out.

(Once there is a public jailbreak for the iPhone 4S, this should become somewhat easier to distribute. No ETAs there, though: I have no clue when that will be.)

One of the hardest barriers has been broken and brining us one step closer to the public port. You can watch his video here

Here is Adam’s Video Coverage.

And here is another video showing the port off on an iPhone 4


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    My 4.2.1 is crashing too often.What is the best fix? Can I update it to a better untethered version of IOS?

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    Is wont come out!

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    complete ass if it isnt released but hey good work on the impossible it gives us little guys hope