3 years ago

Earlier today, Apple finally saw fit to approve the Voice Search update to the Google Search application. Due to this, I thought the time was fitting to bring to you a comparison between the three giants in personal assistant technologies, Google Now, Voice Search and of course Siri. Now whilst Siri is an awesome bit of kit; especially for things like reminders, alarms etc. both Google products shine through displaying speed and polish. It ends up being slightly embarrassing for my iPhone 5. Regardless, check out the video below to see it all in action:

Siri is a very cutting edge piece of software, and I really think Apple could take advantage of the system-wide function a bit more. A lot can be learnt from the jailbreak tweaks that improve Siri’s functionality, adding the ability to change settings, and perform considerably more challenging tasks than Apple allow you do on stock iOS.

Needless to say, Apple really need to step out their game with Siri – as she was clearly out classed in this comparison. It really blows my mind how they continue to muddle through without adding features that would take nothing away from the products, or user experience, yet can clearly see that products come out from competitors which come close to, or even outclass it. Certain additions could just be made, for example quick settings via Siri like brightness change or various toggles, and it continues to frustrate me that I would need to jailbreak in order to accomplish this.

Past my little rant, I hope the comparison indicated how Siri stacks up to it’s Google competitors. It’s not that Siri is slow, it’s that Google’s Voice Search is ridiculously fast. Bravo Google, bravo.

  • AustinCabooch

    Step up** not “step up”

  • Newtothis

    Mate, You gotta change the language to US English in google voice app on iPhone for it to speak back to you.

  • Newtothis

    Mate, you gotta change the language in google voice in iPhone to US English and only then it speaks back to you. Try it.

  • That Guy

    Siri is slow precisely because the competition is “ridiculously fast.”