3 years, 11 months ago

With the ability to run Siri on a jailbroken device with Spire, developers can start testing modification in action. This particular trick does not use SiriProxy, and instead uses url schemes to open different applications and settings. The mod most likely will be packaged into a bundle on Cydia and available for download. If you want to know more about getting siri for older devices check out our post. You can see the modification in action in the video below.


  • Hazbollacrew

    No tutorial for how to get siri on iphone 4 ?

  • Luis3c

    How can my brother share me he’s proxy he has an iPhone 4s and I have iPhone 4 please help me!!

    • SerbanCioclov

      @Luis3c Search on youtube spiri proxy it’s a well explained tutorial, though very complicated for some.

    • SerbanCioclov

      @Luis3c Search on youtube for spire proxy, it’s a thorough tutorial there

  • civicfeen98ek

    I don’t understand why he is saying being then whatever u want to open..please some explain

    • Mysteryguy

      @civicfeen98ek I thought he said ´Bring be´ instead of Being. Siri isn´t so secure about the word itself, it recognizes the sound. So I guess he´s more focussing on the sound then on the word itself.. I agree he sais it very vague.

  • civicfeen98ek

    I meant please someone explain sorry

  • GrsKtl

    no proxy no siri no changes lame

  • akhionghuang

    why i install like H1SIRI AND SIRIGUI5.0.1 after install reboot suck at apple logo,what problem on this siri?