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Last October the U.S. government ruled under the DMCA that software unlocking your cell phone is illegal.  The law will take effect on the 27th of january (this Sunday) when the three month window closes. This kind of government intervention is a burden to consumers and further states that you do not fully own the products you are buying. This being said, factory unlocking your phone using an imei will still remain legal this only restricts tools like ultrasn0w that unlock the iPhone for free via a software exploit.

While we don’t know how well the law will be enforced, I doubt we will see any developers create software unlocks as they will be clearly breaking the law and possibly be liable for the people that uses them. While the law is not fully ridiculous like the jailbreak ban on iPads it surly angers many people. Bye bye freedom!

  • http://twitter.com/DomiAssassin Dominik Zychal

    Haha. What for stupid bastards fu– yourself government. Do they have something better to do than restricting unlocking per software. wtf

  • http://twitter.com/briantintstar tintstar

    Regulations do not apply to
    google it then decide

  • http://twitter.com/anonzpolski karol fy


  • http://twitter.com/anonzpolski karol fy


  • iPhone hater from now on

    keep buying iphones!!!!!!!!!!! i am sure you will be eable to use tham!

  • Ben Szentpaly

    You spelled surely wrong

  • Alex

    Move to Europe guys it’s A Real freedom!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Move to europe.
    It is Real freedom!!!!

  • Bruno

    This is just ridiculous, if i buy a a cell phone i should be able to do whatever i want with it. Here in Brasil theres a law that forces every carrier to unlock your phone for FREE. Making it illegal makes no sense at all!

  • pcsfo

    the folks passing this law are obviously so ignorant. If they make it illegal to unlock the phone in the US..one can take the phone and have it unlock outside of the US (or at least say that it was)

  • Bridgett Bradford

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