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So a day or so ago, if you haven’t heard already, a concept video was released by danielchasehooper on youtube. This video showed us what text editing on the iPad should be like, it showed how smooth it could potentially be and how fluid Apple could make it. The jailbreaking community, as always, decided not to wait for apple to do this – and mere hours later SwipeSelection was born.

SwipeSelection has everything in the concept video down to a t. It even works on the iPhone, as I demonstrated here in my video. It really makes you think ‘Why hasn’t Apple done this already?’ I’ll be willing to bet my next iPhone that something like this will arrive in a future version of iOS.

  • Yeah…

    You can already do this by sliding your hand across the word on the screen….

    • http://www.facebook.com/keith.m.brooks Keith Michael

      With a lot less precision. It’s really hard to get to a single letter with the magnifier as it’s super jumpy. This goes at one letter per ‘click’. It’s way more fluid and useful.

      • http://www.facebook.com/keith.m.brooks Keith Michael

        Also it’s just plain faster to swipe across the keyboard as opposed to holding down on the word and waiting for it to pop up.

  • Stud

    THIS is freaking awesome, this def makes taking notes in class a lot easier. THANKS

  • http://www.facebook.com/willians.thomaz Willians Thomaz da Silva

    Really incredible. But, unfortunately does not work on keyboards in Portuguese, for example.

  • Roman

    Great tweak indeed, but doesn’t work in Evernote for some reason…

  • Meiguorenzaizhongguo

    This is one of the best tweaks made in a long time.

  • Jk

    Anyone else having troubles switching pages in the emoji keyboard?

  • LcF

    i need download link , or repo

  • J-NYC

    Doesn’t seem to work in Pages either

  • http://twitter.com/ProWingz89 RanTa Yan

    This tweaks makes correcting a whole lot easier! Its a must have!

  • Peetinun

    Very nice idea

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