2 years, 4 months ago

T-Mobile has done it again! Another successful press event that is dedicated to the consumers. Their newest plan includes more 4G LTE to more destinations, a new phone plan that covers 4 people in your family for a total of $100/month, and Jump. T-Mobile’s Jump enables you the consumer to upgrade to the latest version of any phones for just $10/month. You can upgrade as much as twice a year, and once upgrade, you must turn in the previous phone on T-Mobile. This works for them as they’ll make the money back in refurbished handset, but it keeps the consumer with the latest technology. This works if the device is in great working condition, or isn’t working. The $10/month covers the insurance as T-Mobile has partnered with a top-tier phone insurance company to make sure if your phone runs into an issue, it is fixed. If it’s not working, you’ll have to pay a deductible of $20-170, which is signifcantly less than the standard unlocked price. Overall, T-Mobile has truly done it this time, and the Jump service will be available on Sunday July 14th, 2013!

What do you think of T-Mobile’s new Jump service? I believe that it’s enough to push them in the top spot of the carrier market! Let me know with your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Mshnnk

    Why should I finance a phone?

    Att would give my a brand iphone 5 for free with a two year contract,
    T-mobile wants 206.69 down and 20 for 24 months. I am paying full retail for my phone. T-mobile is going to lose there ass, and if I don’t pay off the off they block the IMEI. Price points for plans are the same. Plus T-mobile LTE is not even up and running yet, there 4G is half ass.

  • Jailbreak?

    Really? Last time i checked, ATT offered the iphone 5 for $200 with a two year contract…the iphone 4 is the one offered for free. Can u tell us how u tot the iphone 5 for free? I really want one!

  • rg365

    Don’t Do it T-Moble is the worse remember you get what you pay for and as explained your are buying devices at full retail price with T-Mobile

  • Jsuli

    Blah blah, anybody who knows cell phone tech knows your post are useless points. If you have good tmobile coverage where u live, and u want the newst phone everytime Samsung drops one(or who ever) then this new promo is ment for you. Sounds good to me. To bad I’m in contract cause I’d buy a new phone every six months. Lets hope other carriers follow suit.