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Samsung could be facing $15 billion fine for using standard essential patents to litigate Apple


In a report concurrent with the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung, the latter may soon face fines of up to $15 billion for using patents that have been incorporated into varios standards against Apple. Specifically, Samsung attempted to sue Apple based on patents that are essential to the 3G standard, which Apple conforms to.… Read More

Apple Airs New Macbook Pro (Retina Display) Ad

Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 12.18.13 AM

Apple released a video showing off their new Macbook Pro that they unveiled at WWDC 2012. The new device look¬†simply¬†amazing with its smaller form factor and retina display. This being said low lowest model costs $2,199 so your going to have to do some serious considering before you order one. We are planning on buying… Read More