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Comparison Between Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad 3 Software

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 4.21.54 PM

Microsoft recently released their tablet, the Microsoft Surface, and many people have decided to buy it instead of an iPad. However, lots of people wonder, which is better. We wont be telling you that, but we will provide you with a comprehensive comparison between the software functions of the two devices, so you can see… Read More

Apple’s Case Against Samsung in 3 Images


As has been heavily reported in past days, Apple is currently in a heated lawsuit against samsung over the design of their smartphones. Apple claims that Samsung has infringed upon their design, and is demanding billions of dollars in damages. The war between Apple and Samsung has been going on ever since April 2011, when… Read More

Apple Investigating Wi-Fi Issues In New iPad


After the release of the new iPad, its massive success was met with many complaints about issues with the Wi-Fi on the device. People complained that their connections were dropped, or that pages would load extremely slowly. Now, 9to5mac reports that Apple has given explicit instructions to store employees regarding customers who are having Wi-Fi issues.… Read More