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How To Increase iPhone 5 ATT & T-Mobile LTE/4G Speeds With A Carrier Hack [Update Verizon]


Recently, hackers released modified carrier packages that will allow users to take full advantage of their AT&T or T-Mobile connections. This hack has no downside and can be done quickly with no jailbreak needed. Requirements iPhone 5 Only Att Data Plan or T-Mobile Data Plan Mac or PC Steps Backup your phone just in case. On your… Read More

New iPad 4G LTE Is A “Speed Trap”


When Apple announced that the new iPad would have 4G LTE Connectivity everyone got that much more excited to get their hands on the new device, and when they finally did, they weren’t disappointed. As promised, the new iPad delivered blazing fast speeds to the millions of users using Verizon’s 4G LTE network on their… Read More

4G Icon for iOS 5.0.1 + iPhone 4!


So exactly one week ago, we saw the release of iOS 5.1, with it came an array of different fixes and features, some not at understandable as the others. One which particularly confused everyone was the introduction of a 4G icon in the place of 3G for some AT&T customers. Don’t be alarmed, they already had this… Read More

New iPad Coming to Sprint


Apple announced AT&T and Verizon as the two carriers that would support their new iPad at their event on Wednesday. However, if you are a Sprint customer you may be still in luck. Just today, Engadget released a photo showing a sales database containing a new Sprint iPad, proving that the new device may be seen on… Read More

iOS 5.1 Adds “4G” Logo To iPhone 4S


One of the most anticipated features of todays iPad was the 4G LTE technology. Along with the new iPad came the iOS 5.1 software update, and users installing it already found some peculiarities. For those of you with an iPhone 4S, you can download iOS 5.1 to get 4G LTE on your phone right now—… Read More

Next Generation iPad Will Have LTE/4G Capabilities


There have been many rumors perviously on LTE capabilities, and they still are coming. Two new pieces of information were seen today including iMore’s sources claiming the new device will feature the technology, and Verizon hinting at something coming soon. To start off, the source that reported to iMore that the iPad 3 event was being held… Read More

Verizon and AT&T to Sell 4G iPad (LTE)


Big update regarding the iPad 3. According to a news bulletin posted by the WSJ, AT&T and Verizon will support and sell a 4G, or LTE, version of the next iPad. It has been mostly unknown up until now, but stay tuned as more of this story develops. Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. will… Read More