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What’s On My iPhone | About Me

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The iPhone has been released for a while now, and I wanted to share what I have on mine. I also share some info about what I enjoy doing outside of the internet! I hope you all enjoy the apps that I feature, and I hope some spark interest. Be sure to comment down below… Read More

Best iPhone 5s/5 Apps

iPhone 5s Apps

As you probably already know, the new iPhone 5s has been released and many users already own the device. I just want to highlight some great apps that you should get right when you get your new iDevice. Most of these are free, but you better hurry up and download them before the price goes… Read More

Touch ID (Fingerprint Scanner) Demo On The iPhone 5s!

Touch ID

One of the more curious features to be unveiled with the announcement of Apple’s newest handset, the iPhone 5s, was the addition of a biometric fingerprint scanner. This scanner allows the user to not only unlock your iPhone 5s, but also authorise purchases on iTunes, and downloads on the App Store. The latter feature is… Read More

WSJ reports Apple is readying for next gen iPhone launch this quarter


Today we have some surprising news from a reliable source, as the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will be breaking tradition, and releasing the next iteration of iPhones this quarter. “Apple Inc. AAPL +0.27% plans to begin production of a new iPhone similar in size and shape to its current one in the second quarter of the year, according… Read More

Rumor: Apple to introduce cheaper, prepaid iPhone along with iPhone 5S in June


With the iPad mini release having come and gone, it is now time for the Apple rumor mills to focus on the next big product we expect to see from Apple, and right now that is expected to be the new iPhone. It is not currently known what this new phone will be called, although… Read More