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Layout: Instagram’s New Collage App


Today Instagram released a new app to create collages named layout. The app is supplemental to the popular photo social networking service owned by Faceboook. Last year, the company produced Hyperlapse which allowed people to take high quality time lapses on their phones. Layout is another app which uses Instagram at its core but adds new functionality… Read More

Apple Shows Off Research Kit Revolutionary Health Integration


  Research kit will allow researchers to conduct large studies using Apple’s products and software. Universities can create apps easily and keep track of more people than they could before by collecting data directly from applications. Apple has teamed up with the people below to create a few beginning apps to help common health issues. Research… Read More

MyGlass App Becomes Available on App Store

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 4.41.18 AM

Yesterday, Google finally released their MyGlass application for iOS devices. Its no surprise that Google took longer to fully support iOS then their own OS, Android, and great to see that they are working on further iOS support. The app allows you to set up and manage the Google Glass so there is little point… Read More

Google To Release Youtube App Update To Include Multitasking & Playlist Support

Today here at Vidcon 2013 Youtube/Google took the keynote stage to address many common complaints and new features they had implemented over the last few years. They had a big emphasis on the mobile environment as many more people around the world are being introduced to the internet via the growing smartphone and tablet market.… Read More