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This Jailbreak Tweak Destroys The Default App Switcher

jlauncher copy

The App Switcher has always been a weak point within iOS, it’s a bit lackluster. It displays limited functionality, with only 4 apps on screen at a time and the entire rest of the screen is wasted. JLauncher jailbreak tweak aims to remedy this problem, and it does it well. Using a full screen interface,… Read More

Aero – The Best App Switcher?


With an array of different app switcher alternatives on cydia, it’s tough to find the one which is suitable for you. However, I would be prepared to bet an awful lot that you’ll find something you like within ‘Aero’. It’s pretty much the definitive app switcher, and it looks just stunning. There are an assortment of… Read More

CMDtab – Mac App Switcher for iOS


When you press the command + tab keys on a mac in unison, you’ll be presented with the app switcher equivalent of Mac OS X. CMDtab tweak attempts to bring that experience to your iDevice. It does it well, however I would have preferred it if it was actually implemented as an app switcher, and not as a launcher.… Read More

CardSwitcher 2.0 – Stunning Alternate App Switcher


The ‘App Switcher’ has been an integration into the iDevice’s operating system from roughly iOS 4 onwards, now it has always been a good addition, but it could without doubt be improved. Hence why we see an abundance of tweaks designed to do just that, make the app switcher better, and more functional. CardSwitcher 2.0 does just… Read More