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iPod Touch 5th Generation, Features 4” Display


  Apple just revealed the 5th generation iPod Touch. The new device will have a new 4 inch display matching the new phone. Additionally, the device will have an a5 processing chip. The device will be thinner and lighter, with a similar size to the iPod Nano. The device will have a larger battery life. The device will come… Read More

iPod Nano 7th Generation New Design


Apple just announced the 7th generation iPod Nano. The device will have a completely new design and features. More details below. Lightning conector New design 5.4mm thick, thinner physical controls across the side 2.5 inch screen 7 different colors Fm tuner Bluetooth… Read More

‘Lightning’ New Charging Cable For iPhone 5


Watch live now Apple just announced a new charging/sync cable for the iPhone called ‘lightning’. The cable will be smaller than the previous 30-pin one. They will also sell an adaptor to use with the previous model. The cable will work with the iPhone 5 and probably the new, not yet announced iPod Touch.  … Read More