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Apple is Now Worth Half A Trillion Dollars


After Apple hit a monumental $500 a share, many were excited to see how long it would keep rising. Now, Apple has hit another amazing milestone, as their market cap is now over $500 billion. This gigantic number was achieved in after hours trading, where the stock price currently sits at $536.39/share. The announcement of the… Read More

iPad 3 Event Set For March 7th In San Fransisco


The Verge just reported that they got their invitations to the next Apple event, scheduled March 7th in San Francisco. Obviously the event will revolve around the next generation iPad as it is that time in the year that Apple updated their tablet line. Additionally, the invitation contains an iPad in it, so we see no reason why the… Read More

Apple Tells Developers to Get Ready For Developer ID


Along with the preview for OS X Mountain Lion came a new feature called Gatekeeper. This feature, designed for security, allowed users to only be able to run apps from the Mac App Store, or from “trusted developers”. These “trusted” developers are part of a new system Apple is implementing called Developer ID. They sent… Read More

Apple Purchases Chomp To Help Redesign App Store


TechCrunch today discovered that Apple has acquired a company named Chomp, supposedly to help overhaul iTunes and the App Store. I for one had never heard of Chomp before this, but they are a company that uses complex tools to help aide in app search and discovery. This purchase means that Apple is likely looking to… Read More

Apple and 5 Other Companies Agree To New Privacy Policy Standards For Apps


It was announced today that Apple, along with Google, Amazon, HP, and Microsoft, has agreed to a new standard regarding apps that collect users personal data. The agreement will require apps that collect any form of personal data to publicly display their privacy policies. According to a statement from California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris:… Read More

iOS 5.0.1 Security Bug Allows Bypass Of Passcode Lock & Access To Contacts


Recently, a bug was discovered in iOS 5.0.1 that allows anyone access to a locked devices contacts data. This is not the first time a bug has come up, as Apple usually patches problems quickly, depending on the severity. This bug, however, is more complicated and involves opening and closing the sim tray along with knowing the number of the… Read More

iPad 3 Pictures Leaked, Show Minor Design Update and Better Camera


With the supposed launch of the iPad 3 less than a month away, the rumors surrounding the new device have been going crazy. It hard to tell which sources have reliable info, and rare that one provides photographic evidence. Today, pictures came out that showed the supposed device, as well as a comparison to the… Read More

Apple Developing More Accurate Methods For Testing For Water Damage


For the longest time, Apple has built a system into their devices to tell if it has had water damage, in the form of color-changing strips that will change in the presence of water. However, this system was largely unreliable, with many customers reporting that the strips would change color in humid environments, without ever… Read More