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How To Install The Original Youtube App On iOS 6


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MHahqMbp0c&feature=youtu.be With the recent release of iOS 6 many people have come to miss the old Youtube app. The only option now a days is to download Googles App from the app store. But now you can get the original app back onto iOS 6! This will come in handy for anyone that misses the… Read More

iPhone 5 Engineering Sample Photos Leaked


Today Gottabemobile was sent photos of engineering samples of the new iPhone from a trusted source inside of China. According to the images the next generation phone will have a new design with the same width, contain a slightly taller frame, and will be a thinner than the previous model. Other than the dimension changes the phone looks… Read More

iPhone Back Plate Customization With Back2Cover

photo (4) (800x598)

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT04AOREMSA&feature=youtu.be Follow @EatMyApplez Want to add an extra some extra personality to your iPhone but don’t like cases or stickers? Well then Back2cover is for you! Back2cover is an awesome company that will allow you to customize your own Glass back plate for your iPhone. Back2Cover’s designer tool will help you design your new back… Read More

iPhone 5 Backing Shown on Video


Recently, more leaks have come up showing off components of the next generation iPhone. The leak matches up perfectly to 9To5Mac’s images that were published last week. The video above shows the backing of the phone and compares it to the current model. Since it is unlikely that the iPhone will be released any time soon, Apple could easily… Read More