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Geek Gift: Circuit Board Coasters!


As news is in a slight lull today, I thought it would be interesting to show you an item that I received for christmas, that will definitely bump your geek cred (if that’s a thing). They’re coasters that are made completely out of recycled circuit boards. Whilst this seems relatively mundane, it gives the coaster a really… Read More

Missionboard Pro Hits Cydia For $2.99

Missionboard Pro

Only yesterday, I shared with you an upcoming jailbreak tweak which followed on from Missionboard. It’s a pro version, and is aptly named: Missionboard Pro. Well, it’s hit hit Cydia and is for sale on the  repo for the price of $2.99 If you want to check out the features because you missed the original… Read More

Missionboard Pro Takes The Missionboard Tweak To a New Level

Missionboard Pro

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the jailbreak tweak: Missionboard. Now, it may not have shown too much, but I wasn’t actually too happy with the release. It just didn’t feel ready. It was laggy, and left feeling a bit incomplete. However the developer has stepped it up a gear, and has been… Read More

MissonBoard Brings An iOS Concept To Life


A couple of months ago, a concept video created by Joost Van Der Ree, hit the technological interwebs. It was picked up by a number of different blogs, and other outlets, due to it’s interesting ideas and stunning design work. As always, the jailbreak community has been the quickest to respond, with a new tweak… Read More

Neurocube Siri – A Great Siri Winterboard Theme

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 5.59.47 PM

The creators of Neurotech Siri recently released a new Siri theme “Neurocube Siri” into Cydia. Neurocube Siri can be downloaded for $.99 and works through Winterboard. In my personal opinion Nerocube Siri is better as it has more colors and a nice 3D effect, however, you may want to check out our other post on Neurotech Siri and… Read More