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iPhone 5 Leaked On Search Results

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With the Apple event only a few hours away many people have been exploiting the on site search engine on Apple.com  to see what is coming. The urls presented hint to what will be announced today at the event. The links are not yet loadable, however their structure are enough of a hint. Searching iPhone-5 will result in… Read More

New iPad (3rd Generation) Now Has An Untethered Jailbreak Updated: Video


  Earlier today, the new iPad went on sale all across the world. In a matter of hours, the Dev team was able to tethered jailbreak the new tablet. Now I am excited to report that i0n1c has just announced that he has his new iPad jailbroken untethered. Yes thats right, the iPad that was… Read More

Apple Announces iPod Touch 5th Generation

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Apple had got to the biggest part of the announcement including that of new products. A new iPod Touch was announced at a starting price of $200. The iPod Comes in white like we saw in many of the rumors. The specs are similar and we will having more details as the come. The main emphasis on the event is… Read More

Qwikster – Netflix Splits DVD Rentals and Streaming Into Quickster and Keeps Streaming as Netflix

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Just recently in response to Netflix stock falling due to the price raise a while ago Netflix has decided to split there service into to parts. The DVD rentals in the mail will receive the new name Qwikster. The streaming part will continue to be called Netflix. It is interesting to note than they kept the brand name in the streaming as… Read More