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Alleged iPhone 6 dummy model photos show bigger screen, thinner phone


Photos were today posted on Nowhereelse.fr that show what is believed to be a to-spec model of the iPhone 6. Although the purpose of the dummy device is not clear, it has been speculated that it was made for or by case manufacturers from schematics which were leaked earlier.   These photos show features of the… Read More

Leaked iPhone 6 schematics show 6mm thickness, suggest 4.7 inch screen


Today, pictures were posted by UkrainianiPhone.com which supposedly show the iPhone 6 schematics that have been provided to accessory manufacturers. Several changes can be seen in the pictures, shown below.   Judging by these pictures, the iPhone 6 will have dimensions of 67mm by 138mm, compared to the current 51mm by 124mm of the iPhone… Read More

Leaked iPhone 6 pictures show off rounded edges and protruding camera


Images surfaced today on Weibo that claim to show a prototype of the iPhone 6 being tested at Foxconn. The pictures, seen above and below, feature a silver backing, rounded edges, as well as a camera that protrudes slightly from the back of the device. This design mimics the iPod Touch somewhat, and may even be… Read More

iPhone 6 camera will have image stabilization, still at 8 megapixels


Apple has never been a leader in the megapixel war. They’ve stuck with an 8 megapixel camera since the iPhone 4S, instead choosing to focus their efforts on sensor size and quality, which has paid off. Now, The China Post reports that Nomura Securities has stated that Apple’s iPhone 6 will not feature a high-megapixel camera, and… Read More

iPhone 5S new features: fingerprint scanner, A7 chip, camera, and more


Just today, as expected, Apple announced the newest model of the iPhone line, the iPhone 5S. This new device features many of the rumored components, and Apple demoed most of them in detail on stage. Read on to find out everything new about this device. Touch ID One of the most exciting new features of… Read More

Google Glass Camera/Video Test

Google Glass Camera Demo

Google Glass has surprised me in many ways. These consist of the user-interface, tactility, hardware, durability, and now the optics. When I purchased these, I knew what I was getting myself into, but didn’t think it would be anything like this. For starters, the camera angle is weird. Without viewfinder on pictures, it’s a crapshoot… Read More

Will.i.am Announces i.am+ 14 Mega Pixel iPhone Lens


Today, Will.i.am announced a new iPhone accessory named the  i.am+. The case like product makes the phone look like and act more like a camera by adding an additional lens superimposed over the regular camera on the back. The vintage version will also include a slide out physical keyboard with the goal of making typing easier. Having a product… Read More

CameraTweak Is An Awesome Addition To The Default iOS Camera App


With the excess jailbreak tweaks that Cydia provides, it’s always nice when one comes along which wraps up about 10 different tweaks into one handy package. In reality, it’s unfair to market CameraTweak under this header, because it not only provides a whole host of camera customisations, it does it in an extremely easy to… Read More

iPhone 5 Video Camera Quality Vs iPhone 4S

Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 11.29.20 AM

The iPhone 5 features an upgraded camera similar to that in the iPhone 4S. In the video above we compare footage from the two devices back to back to show you the difference. Both cameras are amazing for a mobile device, however, it is clear that the iPhone 5 is an improvement upon its predecessor despite the fact that is… Read More

iPhone 5 Front Facing HD Camera Test

iP5 Unboxing

The front facing camera on the brand new iPhone 5 is one of it’s best features. Recording at a beautiful 720p, which feels more like 1080p – the quality is just fantastic for a front facing camera. It seems to exceed anything I’ve ever seen for a facetime shooter, and makes for really nice crisp… Read More