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You’ll Never Guess How This New Case Transforms Your iPad’s Keyboard


Today, Tactus Technology announced their first product, Phorm, a case that transforms your iPad’s screen into a tactile keyboard. The case is incredibly interesting as it uses microfluidic technology to move small of water to simulate a tactile button on the display of your device. Phorm is unique from its competitors as it can form and remove these… Read More

Atrio Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5 Review

Atrio Case by Freeform3

The Atrio Aluminum Bumper by Freeform3 is a fantastic bumper. It is made of a solid aluminum build, and offers your iPhone 360 degree protection. In the box you receive the bumper, the dock-style packaging, a tempered-glass backing, an additional insert, and a few jelly home buttons. The overall packaging is something you’d see from… Read More

The AluFrame for iPhone 5 is almost the perfect aluminium bumper


If you’ve been following JBN for a while, or any of my work online, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate of aluminium in the construction of accessories for the iPhone. It’s stylish, durable and feels great to use. Just Mobile seemed to be going along this mindset when they were developing the AluFrame for… Read More