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Google changes YouTube layout yet again, here’s how you can get your subscriptions back


Google has made another update to the layout of their video sharing site YouTube, and as usual people are outraged at various aspects. Although many of these complaints are trivial, and will go away in time, there is one specific one that holds some weight. Visiting the YouTube homepage no longer shows an easily viewable… Read More

Google Now Coming To Mac & Windows Through Chrome


It looks like Google Now, the Siri competitor developed originally for Android is going to be integrated into the desktop Chrome browser. Recently, the software made its debut on iPhone  a few weeks ago through Googles search application. Now they are planning on bringing it head to head with Siri on the Mac. Nothing is available as of yet and we only know… Read More

Instagram & Chrome Updated For iPhone 5 & iOS 6 [Mini Giveaway]


If you have an iPhone 5 then you’re probably well aware of the fact that many apps are still not optimized for the new 4 inch display. The good news is that most developers are hard at work optimizing their apps and soon all popular apps will be designed with the new screen size in mind. This being said over the… Read More

YTOpener Lets You Open Video Links In The New YouTube App


With the release of iOS 6 right around the corner, I highly doubt you’ve failed to hear that the default iOS YouTube app is no longer within the operating system. This has prompted YouTube to come out with a standalone YouTube app which just blows the stock YouTube app out of the water. However, if you watch… Read More

New Cydia Tweak Nitrous Enables Nitro JavaScript Engine on Third Party Apps


With the recent release of Google Chrome for iOS, many people were disappointed that Apple has prevented access of the Nitro JavaScript engine to third party apps. This engine is what Apple’s Safari app uses, and as a result it is much faster. Now, a tweak has been released into Cydia that enables the use… Read More

Set Chrome As Your Default Browser With BrowserChooser [Video]


So as you probably know from all our coverage, Google Chrome for iOS devices was released yesterday. However a big issue with it, is that Apple doesn’t allow it to be used as your default web browser. However, the jailbreak community has retorted to Apple’s insult, and Ryan Petrich has already released a tweak on… Read More

Chrome for iOS – Hands On (Video) [Updated]


iPhone & iPod Touch iPad Chrome for iOS has been released, and it’s super awesome. Right away, it feels significantly quicker than mobile safari – which is incredibly impressive for a third party application. It has a number of cool features, most of which we go over in the video above, but probably the most… Read More

How To Get The Old Youtube Homepage and Description Bar Back 2011


Not a fan of the new Youtube? Well don’t worry, you can now downgrade your youtube homepage back to the previous style. All you have to do it make sure you’re in firefox or Google Chrome and follow this tutorial. 1.  Choose Wheather you want the old homepage or description bar and install that script.… Read More