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The iPhone 5c and it’s crazy pricing


As I’m sure many of you are aware, last Monday at their September 2013 press event, Apple officially announced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Whilst this was what most of us expected with this event, it didn’t quite fit all of our expectations. The iPhone 5c was billed to be a ‘budget’ version of… Read More

iPhone 5c: the newest member of the iDevice family


Today at Apple’s big event, the iPhone 5c had its official debut on the main stage. The new device is a cheaper model of the iPhone, replacing the glass and anodized aluminum backing for a heavier plastic backing with rounded corners. Everything when pretty much as expected for the new device, with all the colors… Read More

iPhone 5S Colors – My Opinion & Thoughts

iPhone Colours

As I’m sure many of you are aware by now, the iPhone 5S has been leaked left right and centre. We actually have a few exclusive posts regarding the iPhone 5S leaks, so if you’re interested in the topic I would recommend checking those out. With the leaks, came interesting news that the iPhone 5S… Read More

A Quick Look at a Red & White iPhone 5


Yesterday, I attended the Gadget Show Live press day, here in the UK. If you don’t know, it’s a convention aimed for companies to display their tech and gaming items to consumer and members of the press. This year was mainly gaming focused, however there were quite a few booths devoted to iPhones and iOS… Read More

Analyst Believes Coloured ‘iPhone 5S’ Coming June 2013


Technology analysts always have the utmost fun with Apple. The shroud of secrecy that Apple maintains around it’s products allows them to explore their creativity to the max, and sometimes even predict the future. Analyst Peter Misek thinks that a new iPhone 5S will be released mid june, and feature a whole host of new features. Most… Read More

ColoredKnob – Change The Color Of Your Unlock Slider


The tweak ColoredKnob, relatively new to Cydia was updated recently with additional color and icon choices. ColoredKnob allows for easy customization of the unlock slider and does not rely on winterboard. The best part about the tweak is that it is 100% free and can be picked up in the default BigBoss repo. If you are into customizing… Read More

Best Siri Tweaks So Far


Since the iPhone 4S jailbreak, there has been a torrent of Cydia tweaks that modify Siri’s behavior and look. Here, we have assembled those which we think are the best, and they are all free of charge. Custom Siri Mic Color These tweaks enable theming of the Siri microphone icon via Winterboard. Just add the source (http://repo.technetec.com)… Read More

Change Springboard Calender Date/Appearence with Friday13


  Already know what day it is? Sick of seeing the same boring calender icon on your springboard? Well download this new tweak from Cydia called Friday13. This tweak will allow you to change the entire format of your iPhone/iPod touch’s calender. You will be able to change the upper format and lower format. Meaning… Read More

New White iPod Touch Parts Leaked


  It appears that new pictures of a white iPod Touch have emerged from the source ifixdirect. The photo shows off the full screen of the device and hints towards a new white version coming out with the rest of the iPods in September or October. Apples intentions may have been to release this last year… Read More