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iTunes ’11 Will Be Announced Today

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Apple’s fall conference is scheduled to take place today, Sept. 12th. Some evidence has surfaced on Apple’s website stating that iTunes ’11 is scheduled to be debut today. The picture shown below was found via Apple’s PR search on their website. In the past, Apple has been pretty thorough on keeping all clues, hints, etc.… Read More

WWDC 2012 – Full Coverage Here At JailbreakNation

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WWDC 2012 starts tomorrow and in preparation we upgraded our servers. We apologize for today’s downtime as we encountered multiple problems that took us a while to resolve. Now that we are finally back up we want to mention that we will be hard at work tomorrow morning writing updating everyone on Apple’s announcements at their keynote. Be sure to check back tomorrow at 10:00 am… Read More

iPhone 4S HSPA+ new antenna extends 3G data and phone coverage


After getting the new iPhone 4s it is evident that the 3G speeds on it are quite a bit faster than the iPhone 4 and combined with the new processing power results in an immensely improved web browsing experience. Apple claims that the device can download at the high rates of 14 megabits per second close to what many… Read More