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Actually, the next iPad mini will have a retina display


The Wall Street Journal has released a report that sheds new light on an upcoming product from Apple, the next iPad mini. According to the WSJ’s sources in the Apple supply chain, the next iteration of the iPad mini will feature a retina display, produced by Sharp, LG, and Samsung. Apple is working with suppliers in… Read More

Leaked iPad 5 Front Panel Indicates Thinner Bezel


  Today, what appears to be Apple’s 5th generation iPad front panel was leaked originating from French Site Nowhereelse.fr. The design implemented into the new front looks similar to that of the iPad Mini’s with narrower edges. This rumor supports 9To5Mac‘s previous discovery of  a rumored back panel of the new iPad. This design has… Read More

Next iPhone Could Feature a 4.5-Inch Display (Video)

Next iPhone Could Feature a 4.5-Inch Display

We have reported on many new options in which the iPhone 5S’s screen could be. A new report is speculating that two iPhone’s could be released one resembling the current iPhone 5, with more-economical options, and a totally new configuration. This next iPhone could be 4.5-inches, and feature a polycarbonate body. As we saw on… Read More

Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) Confirmed For March 14th Debut (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Confirmed For March 14th Debut

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) has been an alleged device for quite some time. The specifications taunt us that this phone will be the next big thing, literally. We previously covered the Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) being released on March 15th, 2013, but we were not too far off the actual release date.… Read More