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Actually, the next iPad mini will have a retina display


The Wall Street Journal has released a report that sheds new light on an upcoming product from Apple, the next iPad mini. According to the WSJ’s sources in the Apple supply chain, the next iteration of the iPad mini will feature a retina display, produced by Sharp, LG, and Samsung. Apple is working with suppliers in… Read More

Leaked iPad 5 Front Panel Indicates Thinner Bezel


  Today, what appears to be Apple’s 5th generation iPad front panel was leaked originating from French Site Nowhereelse.fr. The design implemented into the new front looks similar to that of the iPad Mini’s with narrower edges. This rumor supports 9To5Mac‘s previous discovery of  a rumored back panel of the new iPad. This design has… Read More

Next iPhone Could Feature a 4.5-Inch Display (Video)

Next iPhone Could Feature a 4.5-Inch Display

We have reported on many new options in which the iPhone 5S’s screen could be. A new report is speculating that two iPhone’s could be released one resembling the current iPhone 5, with more-economical options, and a totally new configuration. This next iPhone could be 4.5-inches, and feature a polycarbonate body. As we saw on… Read More

Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) Confirmed For March 14th Debut (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Confirmed For March 14th Debut

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) has been an alleged device for quite some time. The specifications taunt us that this phone will be the next big thing, literally. We previously covered the Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) being released on March 15th, 2013, but we were not too far off the actual release date.… Read More

Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) and S IV (S4) Mini To Be Released Together (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S IV and S IV Mini To Be Released Together

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) has been a highly rumored device recently. The predecessor, the S III (S3), was a phenomenon and took advertisement jabs towards other companies. One that is quite apparent is Apple’s iPhone 5 with the world renown saying, “The headphone jack is on the bottom.” Other companies have done the… Read More

Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) Alleged for March 15 Debut (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S IV Alleged March 15 Release

The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is currently a hit, and a colossal phone. It rocks a 4.8-inch display, a quad-core processor, 4G LTE, and more. In Samsung’s commercials they based the iPhone 5, and touted that the S III (S3) was the next big thing. Now the Korean manufacturer is back with a few… Read More

Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) Alleged Specifications! (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S IV Alleged Specifcations

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) is rumored to be the next name of Samsung’s next flagship device. Granted, the Galaxy Note could be argued as the flagship, but for most consumers the Galaxy S series can be deemed the winner. New detailed alleged specifications have been released stating more information on the new super… Read More

Digitimes: Next iPad to be lighter, mini to feature updated display


According to a report today from Digitimes, the next round of iPads will feature some exciting differences. The main focus of the new iPad mini will be an enhanced display, which a lot of people feel has been missing from the iPad mini released earlier this year. The sources have yet to specify whether the… Read More

Instagram & Chrome Updated For iPhone 5 & iOS 6 [Mini Giveaway]


If you have an iPhone 5 then you’re probably well aware of the fact that many apps are still not optimized for the new 4 inch display. The good news is that most developers are hard at work optimizing their apps and soon all popular apps will be designed with the new screen size in mind. This being said over the… Read More

iOS 6 Simulator Confirms New iPhone Screen Size Changes


The most common rumor revolving around the new iPhone has the be the possibility of a new screen size. While we have seen many prototypes that could easily be fake, a more reliable rumor has surfaced from 9To5Mac. The updated iOS 6 simulator that accompanies Xcode features some small changes that could potentially mean a lot for the new phone. When tested at the resolution of… Read More

Apple files a patent for wearable computing device


Recently, Apple has filed a patent for a wearable computing device, this patent gives us more evidence that Apple is very interested in wearable computing devices like it’s competitor, Google and it’s Project Glass eyewear. Like Google, the Cupertino based company has some sort of a display over the eye on a head mount. PatentlyApple’s… Read More