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How To Bypass iOS 6.1 Passcode Lock And View iPhone & Photos


Today, we discovered a method to bypass the passcode lock on any iPhone running the newest software update iOS 6.1. The method is a bit complicated and will allow access to the phone application. While hitting the home button will re lock the phone, the exploit does have potential to snoop through peoples contacts and make calls. Steps… Read More

Apple Responds to SMS Vulnerability Found by Pod2g


Earlier today, we reported that iOS jailbreaker pod2g had found a vulnerability in iOS that allowed people to spoof the origin of an SMS text message. Pod2g pressured Apple to patch the issue, and advised that all users be wary of text messages they receive until Apple does something about this security flaw. Now, Engadget has received… Read More

Security Expert Discovers How To Download Unsigned Code and Malware to iOS Devices


Typically with Apple users are going to feel very secure and protected while using their devices. Well with this new flaw in Apples firmware which allows the hacker to bypass Apple’s App Store security checks and download unauthorized add-ons to this malicious Stock Quote app, some users may feel a bit worried. A user named Miller found… Read More