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Google Glass to Cost $300 at Launch

Glass $300

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF6eSEMSq5o Google Glass has been an interesting ride so far. Pricing for the Google Glass Explorer Edition starts at $1,500 with a hefty 8.75% tax tacked on is by far from easy to afford. These glasses can do six functions out of the box with XE7. These features include making phone calls, sending text messages,… Read More

Google Glass: Day 2 – Forest Emersion


Using Google Glass has really helped me figure out what are the buying aspects for me. It has showed me that the photo/video capabilities portray this without a doubt. How do the photos/videos last in different atmospheres? In Day 2 Google Glass started to give me a bit more hope with its functionalities. I took… Read More

Google Glass Hardware Overview

Google Glass Hardware Hands-on

Google Glass, unlike other glasses, is built extremely well. It features many components built from titanium, a very durable metal. Durability doesn’t mean lacking in ascetics, as Google Glass looks gorgeous. The hardware within Google Glass rocks as it provides tactile, beautiful feedback. For starters, the headband and nose-piece are made from titanium, and adjust… Read More

Google Glass Lenses Hands-on

Shades Demo

Google Glass as a unit works well. The technology within is superb, and is definitely the future of tech. One of the main functionalities within Google Glass is the interchangeable lenses. In the box, you receive the Shields and Shades. The Shields features a clear lens similar to a pair of safety-goggles, or eye-glasses. The… Read More

Google Glass Camera/Video Test

Google Glass Camera Demo

Google Glass has surprised me in many ways. These consist of the user-interface, tactility, hardware, durability, and now the optics. When I purchased these, I knew what I was getting myself into, but didn’t think it would be anything like this. For starters, the camera angle is weird. Without viewfinder on pictures, it’s a crapshoot… Read More

Google Glass: Explorer Edition Unboxing (White)

Google Glass Unboxing

Google Glass was a unprecedented product at Google I/O 2012. Sergey Brin, member of Google X, showed this product as it captivated the media’s perception of the future. The pair of glasses enables you the user to stay up-to-date on all of your news, and a few apps as of now. It features a tiny… Read More

Twitter now Available on Google Glass (Video)

Twitter for Google Glass

Google I/O 2013 main keynote took place yesterday on May 15th, 2013. Tons of great things are coming to Android, Chrome, and many more Google products. One thing released last year that completely changed the way we look at technology (no pun intended) was Google Glass. Sergey Brin sky dove into Google I/O debuting Google… Read More

Google Project Glass Closer Look


At Google I/O yesterday, one of the most anticipated features that the world was excited to hear about was more information on the fabled ‘Project Glass’. This was hinted at a number of months ago, and the internet has readily been awaiting more details on the subject. Well, Google delivered – preorders of the ‘Google… Read More