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Get Siri To Give You Directions Via Google Maps


Earlier this week, Google Maps was introduced into the iOS App Store, and received a whole host of coverage on what seems like every media outlet out there. Rightly so, it’s a whole lot better than Apple’s own mapping service. This being said, using bespoke Apple applications does have it’s avantages; namely the integration with the rest of Apple’s… Read More

Make Google Maps Default On The iPhone & iPod Touch


As you probably know, Google’s maps application was finally developed and approved into Apple’s App Store. While it is a great stand alone application that fixes debatably the biggest problem seen in iOS 6, it means that Apple maps will still be default on your device. Unfortunately, this can only be changed on a jailbroken device, which are… Read More

Nokia’s Here Maps Released For iOS, But It’s Still Far From a Google Maps Alternative


Nokia, hoping to step in and save the day from the dreaded iOS 6 maps fiasco, have released a new mapping application into the iOS App Store. The App is titled ‘Here Maps’, and has much the same functionality as many other mapping softwares available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. However it’s just not up to… Read More