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Google Glass Hardware Overview

Google Glass Hardware Hands-on

Google Glass, unlike other glasses, is built extremely well. It features many components built from titanium, a very durable metal. Durability doesn’t mean lacking in ascetics, as Google Glass looks gorgeous. The hardware within Google Glass rocks as it provides tactile, beautiful feedback. For starters, the headband and nose-piece are made from titanium, and adjust… Read More

Google Glass Lenses Hands-on

Shades Demo

Google Glass as a unit works well. The technology within is superb, and is definitely the future of tech. One of the main functionalities within Google Glass is the interchangeable lenses. In the box, you receive the Shields and Shades. The Shields features a clear lens similar to a pair of safety-goggles, or eye-glasses. The… Read More

New MacBook Air 13” (2013): Unboxing and Impression’s


The brand new MacBook Air 13” is quite the beastly device. It packs a punch for a tiny form factor. This model features the 1.7 GHz dual-core Intel i7 Haswell chipset, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 512GB of Flash Storage, and the new Intel HD 5000 graphics card. All these in unison perform magic! This video… Read More

How to Install iOS 7!

iOS 7 How to Install

iOS 7 is Apple’s newest mobile software. It rocks a new look, and a complete new design. The applications that it features are rad, and the new look is something that will increase marketshare. Up first is the Camera app. It features 4 modes, camera mode, video mode, square mode, and pano mode. All are… Read More

iOS 7 Beta Complete Hands On Overview

Hours after WWDC 2013 we were able to get our hands on the new iOS 7 software. In this video we went over as many features as we could fit in ten minutes including all of the stock applications. My first impressions are that it is defiantly contains a completely new design, however, there are many things that could… Read More

Twitter now Available on Google Glass (Video)

Twitter for Google Glass

Google I/O 2013 main keynote took place yesterday on May 15th, 2013. Tons of great things are coming to Android, Chrome, and many more Google products. One thing released last year that completely changed the way we look at technology (no pun intended) was Google Glass. Sergey Brin sky dove into Google I/O debuting Google… Read More

Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) To Feature Eye-Tracking (Video)


The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) set standards for smartphones, and what they need to feature to thrive in this vast market. The 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen, 4G LTE, quad-core processing, and more helped the phone to strive, and in some respects beat out every other envious phone. With the Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4)… Read More

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) Cases Hint Design (Video)

Leaked Cases Hint At Potential Samsung Galaxy S IV Design

The Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) has been an alleged device for quite some time. The specifications taunt us that this phone will be the next big thing, literally. We previously covered the Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) being released on March 15th, 2013, but we were not too far off the actual release date.… Read More

iPhone 5 First Boot-Up (Video)

iPhone 5 Boot-Up

The iPhone 5 was available for pick-up today in local carriers as well as Apple Stores. In this video, we show you the first boot-up of the magical iPhone. Of all companies, Apple’s product boots-up the quickest for it’s first time of being turned on. In sum, the iPhone 5 has blown me away with… Read More