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Pokemon Clone “Zenforms Protectors” Coming To iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


If you ever enjoyed playing Pokemon for the Gameboy, or Nintetndo DS, then you will like this news. Soon to be released iOS app Zenforms Protectors aims to be a clone of the popular game franchise Pokemon. They don’t mention it for copyright reasons, however, the intent is obvious. If you have ever played Pokemon… Read More

BEST iOS 5 Jailbreak Tweaks (Episode 2)


In this video, Adam from TechTechManTV takes a look at this weeks top 5 BEST iOS 5 jailbreak tweaks. These are all available in Cydia through the Big Boss Repo, and are launched via Notification Center. The first tweak is called WidgetTask. WidgetTask takes your multitasking tray from when you double click the home button,… Read More