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iCloud.com Beta UI Revamped For iOS 7


  Recently, Apple updated the developer version of iCloud.com to reflect design with a similar style to that of the icons in iOS 7. All the iWork apps still remain with their normal icons, however, the rest have been changed to the same design of their default icon on iOS. Each individual web app’s UI… Read More

Apple Gives Previous MobileMe Customers Another Year of Free Storage


When Apple initially made the switch to their new service iCloud from MobileMe, many people were concerned about what would happen to all the data that they had stored on their MobileMe accounts, if they were over the 5GB iCloud limit imposed by Apple. In order to calm these fears, Apple promised everyone that had… Read More

MobileMe is Officially Closed For Good

Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 8.05.04 PM

Over the past several months, Apple has been in process of shutting down the web service MobileMe. For those that don’t know what it was, MobileMe was Apple’s all-encompassing web service that provided mail, file storage, and several other features. Now, all of those tools and more have been migrated to iCloud.com. When visiting MobileMe… Read More

Apple Launches iCloud Beta With Notes, Reminders, and Find my iPhone

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 10.31.33 PM

Apple has today released a newly revamped iCloud website, available for all registered Mac and iOS developers. This release is accessible at beta.icloud.com and includes several new features. Notes and Reminders have been newly added, along with a new Find my iPhone app and an updated Calendar app. The new Notes application is an emulation of… Read More

MobileMe Closes, If Your Data Is Not Transferred Act Now


Last year when iOS 5 and iCloud were announced Apple stated that they would discontinue MobileMe and allow customers to change to iCloud. The transformation process is simple and can be done at me.com only taking a minute or two of time. Just today Apple announced that MobileMe is officially closed however they are still… Read More

iOS 6 Rumor Roundup [Video]


With WWDC only a few days away what better time to wrap up all the rumors relating to Apple’s new software. Last year, Apple demoed iOS 5 at WWDC. The beta version was available to developers soon after, followed by the public release in October. Hopefully we see a similar trend this year. Facebook Integration  Many rumors… Read More