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Layout: Instagram’s New Collage App


Today Instagram released a new app to create collages named layout. The app is supplemental to the popular photo social networking service owned by Faceboook. Last year, the company produced Hyperlapse which allowed people to take high quality time lapses on their phones. Layout is another app which uses Instagram at its core but adds new functionality… Read More

Instagram launches video to compete with Vine


In an interesting bit of news today, the famous picture sharing platform Instagram launched the ability to share short videos on their network as well. This new feature works very similarly to the recently launched Vine app. Here is the description of the new feature from Instagram’s blog: Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Video on… Read More

Instagram qualms user fears, clarifies policy change


After some excitement yesterday about Instagram’s (now owned by Facebook) policy change, the online photo sharing giant has stepped in to state their position. Instagram is an app-turned-worldwide phenomenon that enables users to quickly snap a picture and share it with all their friends. They were bought up earlier this year by Facebook, and since… Read More

Twitter updates app with new photo filters


As we reported yesterday, Twitter was planning to release an update to their iPhone app that added Instagram-esque filter options when tweeting photos. Now, this feature has officially been released and is available in an update on the App Store. This feature comes in update 5.2, with the list of changes being: Apply one of… Read More

Instagram Web Profiles Go Live

Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 19.32.46

A few days ago, Instagram, the popular social photo network announced that they will be bringing user profiles to the web. Their web profile idea was Facebook inspired and a much needed feature that they lacked. Web profiles give people browsing the web the ability to glance over a users pictures and follow if they… Read More