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Tim Cook Responds To iTV and iWatch Rumors At D11 Conference


This year at the D11 conference Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was interviewed on his views on vision of Apple and the future of innovation at the company. Tim Cook’s Stance On TV He ignores the real question about a TV project at Apple by talking about how the current Apple TV has been selling well. He then… Read More

Pod2G Interview On The Future Of Jailbreaking And His Personal Experience


Yesterday, at JailbreakCon 2012 we had the opportunity to meet a ton of really amazing and smart people. Cyril, also known as Pod2G was one the speakers at the event. He did a great job on his presentation where he talked about his past work on untethered jailbreaks and what he had planned for iOS 6. After… Read More

Pod2G the Hacker Behind the 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Interviewed and Coming to JailbreakCon


Over the last few weeks we have been talking a lot about Pod2G the hacker behind many of the most recent jailbreaks. Though it was greatly overshadowed by the jailbreak release Pod2G did make an appearance at the Hack In The Box conference in Amsterdam. While at the event he talked to Craig Fox the man… Read More